GTA Gamers: The Origin Story

Hi everyone, my name is William Kee, and I am Founder and Editor-in-Chief of GTA Gamers, which also stands for “Greater Toronto Area” Gamers, a community gaming site while tailors to our individual personality traits, and which brings us all together as fellow gamers.

The idea behind GTA Gamers came back in November under the original alias, The Outbreak, a former blog written by myself. The Outbreak was a blog created for my Web Writing class at Humber College, where I am currently enrolled as a full-time journalism student hoping to get into the world of Broadcast News.

The Outbreak was my first blog created on WordPress, and took about 3 days to finally get the right image and theme for the blog. Personally I feel I had one of the more visually outstanding blogs in my class due to the time and effort put into constructing its image. The Outbreak was a blog which had a very special place in my heart, because aside from Twitter and updating my followers on the latest in video games based on news and updates, I was also able to flex my creative muscles and write full-length news pieces relating to my niche, video game journalism. What I wanted to create from my blog was a chance to be able to bring my friends together so we could all write stories, publish pieces, upload videos, and stay linked together in the world of gaming through this site. Though that idea fell through, I knew it wasn’t my last shot.

In November 2011, I was brought on to write for a well-known survival horror gaming online magazine known as Rely on Horror. I continue to write for them to this day.

Finally in February 2012 upon much research and thought, I decided to give the group blog thing another try, and with that came GTA Gamers, a site which tailors to our love of gaming and helps us stay together, with the concept of a “local” theme attached to it.

I’m hoping to continue to see the site grow as I bring on more and more writers, and stay connected with friends through all the work we’ll do.

– William Kee, EIC, GTA Gamers

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