The Artist – Carter Kee

Hello all you fellow gamers. My name is Carter Kee, and I am the younger brother to the creator of this site, William Kee.

As you will find out in the near future, we may be brothers and we may both like video games, but we’re both completely different in every other aspect. Let me just get the basics out of the way; the biggest difference between me and my brother is our future occupations and job fields. Writing is not my true forte, but Art is. I’ve been drawing ever since I was very little, and since then, i’ve created my own DeviantArt account and have amassed over 300 pieces on that site.

Some of my early drawings were based around the famous Nintendo puffball, Kirby. Yet me trying to be different, I made a bunch of them into Ninja Kirbies, trying to make them into what I thought was pretty fuckin’ cool at the time. They were the start of some of my first little characters that I would be uploading and revamping later on DeviantArt.

The original Ninja Kirbies, which have now been morphed into a new race called: Triarks

But the “Ninja Kirbies” were what originally started out my self-taught drawing experience. For the past few years, I have since designed a number of different characters, and have started writing a story to tie them all together. With the help of the Visual and Digital Arts program that I am currently enrolled in at Humber College, I have been slowly building up my skills within my artwork over time. Most, if not all, of my artwork can be found on my account [ xlShinnAsakuralx ] on DeviantArt. On a side note, I also designed the 2o11 logo for my brother’s YouTube channel: Will173 Productions.

Top = Villains / Bottom = Heroes

One of the my main pieces for my story "The Asakura Chronicles"

Despite my background in Art, I do enjoy playing and talking about video games all the time. The system that I remember growing up with and beginning my gaming experiences the most was the N64, with so many tremendous and nostalgic titles such as Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Stadium, Kirby and the Crystal Shards, Diddy Kong Racing, etc. When it comes to games I play nowadays, I prefer to stray away from the status quo kind of games like Call of Duty and Skyrim. My favorite game series at the moment are Soul Calibur, Dynasty Warriors and Fire Emblem. Even though my favorite style of gaming can be varied because I like a lot of different kinds of games, I prefer Fighting Games, Hack N’ Slashers and Strategy RPGs the most.

My gateway in the GTA Gamers was all thanks to my brother William. Since he began the site, he wanted his first and main contributors to be his own brother and his two best friends. What a nice guy *wink* 😉 . On this site, I hope to contribute a variety of things, such as reviews to some of my favorite games and game-related art pieces that I hope everyone will enjoy. I will also be a part of the “Stardust Drive Podcast” video posts along with William Kee, Anthony Cusimano and Chris Kuzmin. It will be a riot, I assure you all.

With that being said, I enjoy working with everyone here in the near and coming future. 🙂

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