Sup Peeps!

Hello people!

Coming to you virtually through GTA Gamers, this is Adam Pahor or as some people at work call me “Ace”. I will hopefully be a usual guest here on GTA Gamers, but before I get famous or anything I must tell you how I got to this point.

A little background info might help, I am 21 years young, and since I was  a youngen  i started my gaming addiction with my first system………. Sega genesis. (You know your old when…). From then on it has been a never-ending cycle of “omg new system, dad buy it for me!”. This brings us to the present time, where to date i have owned most of the big name systems from sega genesis to ps3 where my gaming skills currently reside.

I guess you’re wondering what genre of games i actually play? Well, I have been around for a while and have been through some of the top genres (my opinion), first person shooters, role-playing  games, some sporting games etc… I won’t go in to too much detail because as you will soon find out, i have been sucked into the world of fps’s.(cod&bf).

You are also probably thinking, “God, Don’t tell me you’re just a game critic/blogger?”,No that is not the case, I may want to write about the games I play, but I also plan on taking on some music posts. If you enjoy heavy bands like Asking Alexandria, August Burns Red, or bands like We Came As Romans etc, you will be hearing from me:P. I will possibly be doing a live cover/ report of the upcoming Asking Alexandria concert on April 1, so look forward to it.

In summary, you can expect great things from me (my opinion again lol), hope to get some hits and help out with the blog…

Peace out


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