The All-Nighter Project 2010

For the first time in its entirety, The All-Nighter Project recorded back in August of 2010 will now be featured on GTA Gamers.

The original 3-hour long podcast featured myself, Anthony and Carter and it was a test to see how long we could stay up overnight.

The main bulk of the podcast included the three of us writing our Stardust Drive mockumentary, which was to discuss how our plastic rock band got together, and we were faced with hilarious results.

If you guys feel you have the time to listen to it in its entirety, check out the link below. If you want to look at the best moments from the All-Nighter Project, videos are included on my Youtube channel:  

Our first Stardust Drive podcast will be recorded tomorrow and uploaded later that day, and will feature myself, Carter, Anthony and Chris as regular hosts. Hope you enjoy!

The All-Nighter Project 2010

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