enter Frelia

Hey everyone, I’m Anthony C, one of the first members here at GTA Gamers. I will be floating around the site as innesfrelia (and that is my handle in most of these internet thingies). I’m not sure how early on I was made aware of the project, but saying I was one of the first four involved in it seems to be a safe statement.

A bit about me: I’m a 20 year old (male) from Mississauga studying game programming at Humber college in my second year (of three). In high school, I did a small bit of acting, and actually wasn’t too bad if i do say so myself. I also play the bass guitar and am trying to teach myself drums at the moment, but school gets in the way of all that more often then not.

How I got into gaming is more or less covered in the podcast uploaded by William. I could perhaps go into more detail on that some other time, but right now I think the important thing is that I say something like, “Hi everyone! My name is ripped right out of Fire Emblem! I am a giant fanboy!”. Something to that effect seems suitable.

As for what I hope to post here; my interests focus mostly on music and gaming. More specifically, in music i try to stay to metal from 198x, I am willing to try other things but I would say I listen to far from “everything”.  When it comes to games, I’m a bit more open. I play the odd board game, I do table top role playing, the only games I tend to stay away from are sports games and realistic racing “sims” (is racing a sport?).

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