The carrier has arrived!

Alone in a room. The glow of the screen reflecting off of the pale skin of the man who sat in front of it. This man has no life. playing video games is his life and there’s no turning back…..

LOL! I’m totally joking. Hi my name is David. Loooooong time gamer, Lover and music enthusiast. There is no game I won’t play. Be it weird, be it awesome. It’s in my collection. Since the age of five, my hands have had a controller. They say when I was born, I was holding the super Nintendo controller in the palm of my hand. Through my childhood I was a lover of the Nintendo systems. Until I reached the age of seventeen, when I got my first Xbox. Since that day I’ve been all over new releases, playing games from shooters to RTS. From MMO to RPG. There is no game I won’t play…..Well actually come to think of it, I don’t do sports games. Why play sports on a video game when you can go outside and do the same?

In the coming weeks I plan on sharing all things I know about video games and even more with nice people on the internet. I’ll be reviewing, revealing and posting news in general. So I hope you’ll come to enjoy my future posts in the coming weeks. Also, it’s nice to get suggestions from fans and readers. So if you have a game you’d like me to review, or a movie you think I should watch. Please, do email me and I’ll be more then happy to check it out. For now I have several reviews on the way. Expect the first one soon. Much is being planned and done, so don’t fret my little chums. Until then I bid you farewell and hope to see you reading my blog soon.

See ya soon, David.

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