Rhino revealed in new Amazing Spiderman video game trailer

Fans of the lovable grey galoot can look no further, the Rhino has been revealed as a new villain that Spiderman will square off against in the upcoming Amazing Spiderman video game.

Activision revealed the new trailer this morning the first classic Marvel super villain in what hopes to be a long string of others. I cross my fingers for Shocker.

Rhino looks almost identical to his comic book counterpoint, aside from his bluish robotic suit he donned in the Spiderman 2 videogame. It looks like the Amazing Spiderman reveal is trying to give Rhino a darker, more serious tone to match that of the movie’s tone.

To be honest, darken the tone no matter how much you like, but when you take all of that away, you’ve still got a dorky villain in a Rhino suit. Nevertheless, I look forward to butting heads with Rhino again.

The Amazing Spiderman videogame will drop web June 26th, before the official release of the film in July.

With files from gaming-age.com

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