Flaunt it? More like Haunt it.

XDS Haunted that is. Add me. Do it. I dare you.

I suppose that just like everyone ever, I love games. When I would visit my cousin, I would go straight for the NES. Played a friend’s SNES. Compy games on the school computers. Cross Country Canada though, can’t say it was the best game out there, but I played it anyways. Who knows when I got my PS1, but Spyro and I had many a fiery adventure. Somewhere along the line I got my first GameBoy all to myself though. And with Pokémon Gold to boot. I loved that game. Once again like many others.

I could go on and on about all sorts of random events in my life that apply to games. They are an integral part of my being, with both good and bad aspects. It’s my sustenance and my addiction. Ever play Warcraft III for 27 hours straight? Try it sometime, its fun! Or go to every day of careers in high school and fail with a zero? I bet Counter Strike on the school computers could help you there.

But enough about the past. At this point in my life I’m—Oh Kirby Puffs! I haven’t even mentioned Halo! To put it lightly: I lived and breathed Halo for many years. Now I play it much more… responsibly? About a year back (thereabouts anyway) I got into the YouTube commentary scene making commentaries and lets plays. But due to limitations in hardware, software and time I put it on a sudden hold. Now I’m back though with a new hard drive, fancy vidya card, a sleek new Xbox 360 Slim and a big ol’ TV (and finally an HD PVR on its way).

So this was a bit of a mess to begin with but let me conclude by saying I look forward to being a part of the GTA Gaming Community and finding my place amongst the talents here. Expect videos from me very soon!

– Harrison

P.S. Add me on Xbox (you better have done that already though), Steam (Hathi117) or take a look at my YouTube: Hathi117 perhaps.

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