Hey strangers!

This is Darby!  Or you could call my TechyP, since that’s my internet name.  I’m 16 years old and I love to play video games, draw, cook, do crafts, and play with animals (I have a wonderful habit of making animals like me).  I’m quite shy and calm, but people say that I have a heart of gold~

Anyways, I’m here to share my love for video games.  What type/genre of video games?  Well, I enjoy the cutesy type of games.  Not a big fan of FPS…sorry!  But I like games like Mario, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, random games, the Shin Megami Tensei series, Professor Layton, Pokemon, Phoenix Wright, and more!  However, I’m not much of a talker for video games, but a drawer for video games.  That is what I want to do on this site.  Draw fan art.  Drawing fan art is what I draw the most, and it’s fun!

Here is a pic of a video game character that I drew for an upcoming game.  Can’t wait!

One of the reasons why I wanted to join this blog is to improve in my artistic ability.  You won’t believe how MODEST I am.   This picture represents the protagonist Raphael and his dog, Fondue from the upcoming game coming out next month called Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure.  It’s a game similar to Rhythm Heaven, but with a plot and a rhythmic thief!  I’m looking forward to this game.

Here are some sketches of the antagonist from a underrated game called Dokapon Kingdom.  He’s my fav character from the game~This is my art style at it’s freshest, I guess you could say.  Just some quick sketches.

As you can see, the two pieces of art that I showed are drawings of games that aren’t well know, I guess.  Well, maybe, except this one last sketch that I’ll show.  You guys probably know what Pokemon is.  So, I did some line art of my favorite Pokemon Black and White characters.Well, as you can see, I like to draw, which has made me think about my future.  I want to go to an art school, maybe.  But I keep thinking about all types of careers, from cooking to art to computers.  I AM leaning towards art though.

Okay, I’m done showing off. Hahaha!  So yeah, I hope I explained myself enough! c:  I hope I get to share my art on this blog for awhile, and get to know you guys.

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