Marketing Around !

Boys and Girls. My Name is Silvio Mazzulla. I am very excited to be a part of this team and will not be blogging as much. I am into video games and have been since i was old enough to lift a controller on my own. I enjoy sports games the most but I as well play a lot of racing as well as Grand Theft Auto games. I currently work as a part timer at Michael Angelos with some of the staff members here at GTA Gamers.

Most of the staff members whom don’t know me are probably wondering why I am blogging / joining the team if I am not a huge gamer? I will be happy to tell you why I am joining this team. I recently graduated from Sheridan College majoring in Marketing and Sales. William Kee the EIC has given me the opportunity to help him make this blog a complete success. I will be taking care of the business aspect of the blog. Some of the duties I have to complete is to help with the logo of the blog as well as business card design for each of the staff. The business cards are going to take some time but it will be a process and project that I will be starting quite soon. The other project I will be working on will be a flyer for the blog so we can create some brand awareness whether its at community centres or even at comic book stores.

I have some great ideas and I cant wait to bring my talents and knowledge to this blog and I will try to blog about games not as often but more then a few times for sure. In conclusion, I am pumped to get started and would like to thank William Kee for giving me this position and allowing me to help me .


2 thoughts on “Marketing Around !

  1. Can I offer my help in regards to Grahpic Design and the Adobe Master Suite CS5? (If it’s wanted, I can put together a small portfolio of work ^u^)

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