Massively Too Much?

With Mass Effect 3’s release date now a giant speck on the horizon your ship is barreling towards – your space ship that is – I began to revisit my old Mass Effect games. Bioware has always done a great job with creating single player campaigns that the player can enjoy. There’s a bad guy, you kill him. A team of bad guys, there’s a grenade. A fleet, well, there’s rockets for that. But Bioware, unlike other modern day game companies, have exceeded somewhere that is still relatively new; multiplayer online co-op.

Multiplayer isn’t too new. Back in the day, if you wanted to race against your friends in Mario Kart for the N64 you just had to bring an extra controller to your friends house you were visiting. Hell, even back in the archaic arcade age, there were two guns attached to House of the Dead for you and a friend to play. Now though, the idea of multiplayer isn’t a new concept. In fact, it’s something we expect.

This idea of a multiplayer co-op though has us all scratching our heads. For the first time in a while (that we’ve seen executed properly), you can not only play the entire story mode of the game in a multiplayer campaign mode, but you’re suggested too. Each player takes on a different character, and each character experiences a slightly different story mode than his or her other, while simutaeously still playing the same game.

ME3 Characters

Although you can’t play loveable characters like Captain Sheppard because he is reserved for the single campaign mode if you wish to play it that way, you can still play loveable characters like Turians, Krogans and Asari. The question is still, however, when does multiplayer become too much for games?

I’m currently playing Star Wars the Old Republic, an MMORPG from LucasArts. Although I love the PVP (player vs player) action, I sometimes yearn for the story mode campaign. Yes, you can play a story mode in Star Wars, but that defeats the purpose of the MMO.

Whatever happened to games like Final Fantasy, where you played a story and fell so deeply in love with the characters, you actually cried during certain cut scenes. I don’t think I need to mention which game I’m talking about here.

Unless I’m playing something like Uncharted or God of War, I feel like the story mode on modern day games is being forgotten. Major companies like Bioware are able to get away with it, using Mass Effect and Dragon Age multiplayer to their advantage.

I think it’s time we revisit the old games, where the story modes were remembered and focused upon, where we connected with the characters, like these guys below.


So let’s have a toast for these guys, and remember to use the classics as a guideline for the future.

Until next time,


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