Review: Goldeneye:007………………………Reloaded!

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It’s Ace again, back at you with my first game review/comparison. I figured it has been long enough since my first post so I decided to pick a game and write my review. This game has been part of everyone’s life since we were all little kids fighting over who’s turn it is to use the n64. Could it really be? Is he actually talking about what game I think he is talking about? Yes, I am 🙂

Goldeneye! Well Goldeneye 007: Reloaded anyways. I will start by taking you  back in time to when the original (Goldeneye: 007) was the talk of the schoolyard.

We all remember how the story goes, James Bond (007), and his partner Alec Trevelyan (006), are sent on a mission by the MI6 to infiltrate and destroy a Russian chemical weapons facility. Things go wrong when 006 gets himself caught by Colonel Ourumov. 006 appears to be shot by Ourumov and 007 destroys the facility but not before his daring escape. From then on he travels to several different places around the world to find out who is behind all the events he has been through. In doing so he finds out that a Crime syndicate called “Janus” is after control of a Satellite weapon system “Goldeneye”. Somewhere along the way 007 saves many people and makes friends with Natalya Simonova who was one of the programmers for the Goldeneye, and she helps him till the end where little did he know his ex-partner 006 is the head of Janus. In several long but eventful missions Bond succeeds in removing the threat of 006 and the use of the Goldeneye satellite.


That was one long ass story……  Back to the present with my review of Goldeneye 007: Reloaded

Here we go! To get started, I’ll begin by saying I have not yet beat this game,  I’d say I am about 75% done. So far, it has been a pretty good game with some interesting changes and some saddening changes since the original for N64. The first change was the game publisher, the N64 version was published (produced) by Rare who are known for making games such as Donkey Kong Country 1,2 and 3 and Diddy Kong Racing. For the Reloaded version the publisher is…. wait for it…. Activision! You know what games they make;) Cod Black Ops, MW3…. They have also made some other good games, just to name a few: Prototype 1&2, Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011, Spider-man Shattered Dimensions.

Noting the publisher change, I will now explain the gameplay and level layout to you. All the levels are based on the original levels with what to me seems like a big change. The levels are more linear, to explain they are not as “open” as they were in the original. For example, you can’t wander around the snow-covered field in the level “Surface”. You have to follow the “invisible line” set out for you by the mission. All the missions are the same in that sense too, which I found to be a little sad. The gameplay has stayed pretty much the same, and your death still ends in a shaking blood-red screen so I was happy with that.

There has been a drastic change in the graphic which is clearly obvious (PS3 vs.N64 lol nooooooo competition whatsoever). In my opinion I think the scenery in the levels look a lot like the scenery from COD Black Ops and MW3, that could just be because Activision produced the game. (and again the updated graphics) Oh, and who could forget the character change! The producers have moved on from the old Pierce Brosnan, to the new Daniel Craig for the voice and look of the character. (even though it’s a fps so you can’t really tell unless it’s in a cut-scene)

Another thing I was looking forward to was being able to carry all the guns in the game like you could in the original. I was deeply disappointed to find out you could only carry a primary and secondary weapon. On the other hand, the weapons were modified, names changed, and the looks modernized. Knowing that it was produced by Activision, you best believe the guns have some customization’s to them, you can now find weapons with red dot sights, acog scopes, laser sights, silencers that you can install and remove etc.

They also threw in the PlayStation move compatibility to make the shooting a little more realistic, which probably would reel me in more if I had the PlayStation Sharpshooter;)

Next, can you guess what the gadget watch has been turned in to? Go ahead guess…., alright I’ll give you a clue, everyone has one nowadays. Still nothing? OK, it has become a smart phone, with the ability to hack auto-turrets (yea they have those now), open locked doors via electrical swipe panels, and of course, take pictures.(for specific missions)

So, I have discussed the single player as much as I could…. clearly!(pretty lengthy) There are 2 more parts I would like to explain, which shouldn’t be as long because I have focused mainly on the single player so far.

The publishers have included a MI6 ops mode, which is very similar to the COD Modern Warfare 2 and 3 Spec Ops mode. These missions will test your skills as a MI6 agent, with the added bonus of modifying the mission stats and posting them online so others can try to beat your record with your settings.

Last but not least is the multiplayer. You have a choice between the original style split-screen multiplayer or you can play online with up to 16 players. both these mode have the same basics as the original but with a COD twist to it. For online multiplayer, instead of finding guns on the floor you have to choose between some pre-made classes until you are a certain level. Once you reach that level you can begin to create your own classes with different guns, gadgets etc. In the split screen multiplayer you have all the choices unlocked for you already. you can also choose which character you want to be for each mode.

That about sums up my review. In my opinion, after everything I have put into this post, I would have to rate this game about a 7/10. It is a good game with some great twists and changes, but I am stuck in Bf right now, and I will only pick this up when I get fed up with Bf or when the PS network goes down again lol.

Hope you enjoyed my review, it was a little more serious than my opening post and a lot more in-depth hence the length…… sorry about that.


P.S: They took out all the cheats:( noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, they only have three cheats for split-screen, paintball mode, tag and invisible mode, and black moonraker skin (that’s not much of a cheat lol)

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