Hello gaming community, before introducing myself I would like to thank my friend William the EIC of  this newly founded website for giving me the opportunity to write for  GTA Gamers. I’m looking forward to help expand, contribute and grow this website from the ground up as well as writing a few good articles for the GTA gaming community to read.

My name’s Matt and I’m a police foundations graduate at Humber College, and kinda still partially employed with most of the writers on GTA Gamers. I’ve enjoyed videogames since the age of 6 when I inherited a dusty old Nintendo Entertainment System. Since then, my history of gaming has been rather consistent throughout my childhood and into my teen years.  I’ve truly appreciated my many years of gaming, and after a few years of greatness on the NES I received a GameBoy Pocket for use on my long trips to Quebec I would make with the family every summer. Lucky for me Pokemon was one of my favorite shows, and at the time had just became popular along with the release of Pokemon Red and Blue; the great years of my childhood.

That lead me to my first PlayStation from there I started dominating my friends and family at FIFA 01 along with a few memorable single player titles such as Final Fantasy 7 and Legend of Dragoon. This followed by my personal favourite console and one I still play today, the PlayStation 2. Along with its abundance of fun games such the Grand Theft Auto series to the Metal Gear Solid franchise followed by endless hours of Grant Turismo 4 just to name a few. This eventually led me to buying a PlayStation 3, which doesn’t seem to capture my interest in playing videogames as much as it used too. I feel myself slowly but surely retiring into modern gaming, predominantly playing a lot of FIFA 12 and enjoying what the PlayStation Network has to offer. Occasionally, I rent or buy a few new titles here and there if it’s a rainy day or one of those slow weeks we Canadians often receive in the winter time. When I’m not at work, I really enjoy playing as well as watching soccer; my favorite professional soccer club is Juventus FC. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family. As a young gun, most of my life’s priorities currently rest on traveling around the world and I’ve had a pretty good time doing that so far, but as I digress that’s a story for another time.
As a young man with multiple interests, I may not be a big gamer compared to most of my colleagues and friends on GTA Gamers. However, as a fluent French and English writer with lots of charm and great ideas to share, I plan on delivering whatever is needed in opinion or fact-based information related to all topics covered by this website. I’m sure most of you will enjoy my future articles on the site and I look forward to contributing whenever I can find the time in my on-going schedule. I look foward to getting started and learning the ways of blogging and online writing.


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