Review: Final Fantasy XIII-2, The Lamest of Lame

Alright hardcore Final Fantasy fanatics, be prepared to pick up your swords and magical hands to fight me to the death following this review/opinion piece.

The new Final Fantasy is, quite frankly, a piece of shit.

That’s putting it lightly. We were all amazed with the new battle system that emerged in the 12th edition of Final Fantasy the developer called an, “Active Dimension Battle” system. Compared to previous games, where the battles took place in typical RPG turn-based fashion, this new system allowed you to battle in an open field. Advantage? For hard core gamers who were quick on their toes, the battle was intensified tenfold. Disadvantage? Well, er, your enemy was also quick on his feet and didn’t waste any time in attacking you.

But it worked. It was fun and the game found a new excitement for old fans of the series. It got old fast though. And as the series went on, the new battle system took away from the story line.

This is where we started. We’ve done a complete 360 and arrived at the original point of the story.

It keeps getting worse, and with the new release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 (or as I like to call it Final Disaster, the not so legend don’t even bother waiting for it dary sequel. Take that Mr. Stintson.)

Serrah Farron

It’s not the graphics, thank God. If Square Enix does one thing ridiculously and consistently well, it’s the amount of time and effort they put into designing their characters. The story lines may change, but never falter as well. Or they never did.

Now though with the release of this sequel, fans of the genre don’t know what to expect. The environments are a tad off, and for reasons we don’t really understand. It’s almost as if the entire concept of the game was dumbed down for preschoolers.

We don’t need to keep the preschoolers in mind, Square Enix. If they were hardcore gamers, they’d trade over those crayons for some emulators with the Final Fantasy collection on it.

I just don’t understand how a company can go from creating a masterpiece such as this:


We don’t need you guys to spruce up the battle system or create a simpler storyline for people to follow. I wasn’t really gung-ho on this sequel idea to begin with, but with the release of it, you’ve just proven that a sequel should never be made again.

All I’m asking for is some more Tidus, and less Lightning. She was cool, and I had fun with her (I dare you to make a joke, I dare thee), but we need to re-examine what the goal of Final Fantasy is, and always has been. Let’s resort back to those good ol’ days where we can connect with the characters and mourn over the death of the ones we hold so dear.

To wrap this up, I’d say wait until it hits fifteen dollars at your local EB Games or GameStop, but don’t rush out on a icy night in this Canadian winter to buy it. It’s honestly, and it pains me to say it, not worth the hassle.

2/5 stars

So cheers for now mates,


One thought on “Review: Final Fantasy XIII-2, The Lamest of Lame

  1. i agree totally, the battle system was great for the first little bit but grew to b a pain. I didnt even finish the first part of the game cuz it was that bad. and wtf happened to releasing Final Fantasy 13:vs? it was supposed to be released b4 they even had an idea for 13 pt 2.damn square enix

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