Silent Hill Gazette

Silent Hill – Not so Silent Anymore

Hello again and welcome back to Silent Hill. It’s time to hit the streets of Silent Hill’s fog world again in two new games and two re-vamped old games this month. To add to the fog horn ringing in your ears, I’ll be starting a Let’s Play: Silent Hill series for the first game this month!

Let’s head straight to the first of these to be released: Silent Hill Downpour. Downpour will be the eighth installment in the main series and will follow a prisoner stranded in Silent Hill, Murphy Pendleton. Get pre-ordering at GameStop Canada, kiddies, because this game’s coming out March 13th.

Next in the line-up is the re-make of Silent Hill 2 and 3. Called Silent Hill HD, it comes packed with both full games, updated graphics, alternate Voice-overs (and the choice between new and old voice-overs), as well as Achievement for Xbox Live and Trophies for PlayStation 3. If you’re as psyched as I am for this, you’ll have it marked on your calendar as March 20th.

Then comes Silent Hill: Book of Memories. This little bad boy is for the new PlayStation handheld, the Vita. Book of Memories will be the first Silent Hill to feature any multiplayer gameplay (up to 4 players). It will feature returning monsters from previous Silent Hill games and allows you to customize your character. Expect to see this in-stores March 27th.

Lastly, I want to tell everyone about my awesome find, and subsequent Let’s Play series. We have a used game store in the mini-mall by my house called We Got Games. Harrison and I stop in whenever we’re around to see if we can snag an awesome deal or find a game we’re looking for (usually GameBoy Colour or Nintendo 64 games). The second I saw Silent Hill, I told him to stay put and disappeared across the store to get in line and buy it. Getting back to the Let’s Play; I’ll be posting at least one video a week to my YouTube and doing a LiveStream every weekend (preferably Fridays). Videos will be of Silent Hill for now and Streams of whatever myself and anyone watching pleases (and I have access to…). I’ll be starting the Let’s Play on March 8th.

So with three new releases and a Let’s Play series coming this month all revolving around Silent Hill, I fell a bit like a planet revolving around a Silent Hill Sun or maybe just one of those beetles you always find around Pyramid Head… Regardless, I’m looking forward to this month like you wouldn’t believe!

Remember to turn on your radios and have a lead pipe at the ready this month!


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