To Dante or not to Dante, that is Apparently the Question.

Hello GTAgamers!

Ridsrids back here with a little piece of news. Screenshots were released from Capcom of their upcoming controversial revival of Devil May Cry.

Before I post the screenshots for you, I just want to discuss the controversy this game has caused. Long time fans of the series threw their arms and controllers up in outrage when they learned the art team behind the new DMC was remodelling their favourite protagonist, Dante. While once he sported long silver hair, robes, and an epic looking evil face, he has been replace by a younger, teenage anarchist-looking punk, who appears to have just walked out of the riots in Greece. Below is a picture of both the old Dante and the new Dante. To the left is the favourite Dante, the one we grew up with on the Playstation. To the right is the new Dante, due out sometime this year in Devil May Cry, or as some people are calling it, DMC5.

Both old Dante and new Dante

I think it’s about time the character got a reboot. The art direction team clearly kept the attitude from the old Dante, but re-sparked him to appeal to both an old and new fan base. I think the new Dante has taken everything that’s happened in the past year with the Arab Spring and embraced it, making him the coolest reboot of a character to date, in my not so humble opinion.

Devil May Cry Screenshot           Devil May Cry Screenshot      Devil May Cry Screenshot

Devil May Cry Screenshot          Devil May Cry Screenshot     Dantes Sword, RebellionDantes guns, Ebony and Ivory

So there you go. I hope this holds you all over until this game is eventually released. With one final thought, I have faith in Capcom, you should too.



One thought on “To Dante or not to Dante, that is Apparently the Question.

  1. i couldnt wait for this when i first saw the trailer………….. i still cant wait it looks awesome, and i agree the new look is a great change. seems more dark like a goth/emo kid lol

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