The First of Many…

Going live Today (Sunday) at 6:00pm .

I’ll be hosting a Sunday LiveStream weekly at the above link. Start time and length will vary occasionally, but I’ll be posting a link on my twitter the day before and as we start every time. Games and guests/hosts (other than myself) will change frm time to time.

This week we have myself (Lauren), Harrison, Will and a surprise “guest.” We’ll be playing some of the Mass Effect 3 Demo multiplayer (about 3 games) before switching over to Gears of War 3 multiplayer (gamemode yet to be determined). If you’d like into the gameplay, feel free to add my Xbox Live Gamertag: XDS_Rebel and send me a note either on XBL or in the Stream chat. We’re looking for a team of 4 for the ME3 demo (if we get more people wanting to play, we’ll switch out a few people per game) and a full team of 5 for GoW3 (again, switching out as need be).

In future, if you’re looking to be a part of the Skype call of hosts/guests, add me: XDS_Rebel (easy with them all being the same). Let me know during the week if you’d like to be apart of the stream for the coming weekend or even if you’re just looking to see what we may be doing.


Skype: XDS_Rebel
Xbox Live Gamertag: XDS_Rebel

We look forward to seeing everyone there tomorrow!

– Lauren

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