Be prepared.

Irony, I’ve been putting off writing this post to play Dante’s Inferno. It’s a good game, slightly disturbing, and I know it’ll take me a little while to beat. My name’s Victoria, I’m a 19 year-old journalism student with aspirations of becoming a magazine writer. My video game history may not be as long as some people, but I think my attention to detail and taking my time playing a game is an asset in itself. A game may take me months to beat, but hey at least I get my money’s worth. I’m a journalist so I’m busy 24/7 with filming, writing, or dealing with people. Having said that, when it comes down to it I love to just sit down in my off time and play a videogame for a couple hours.

I thoroughly enjoy hack and slash games, it’s mindless bloody fun. I can’t tell you how liberating it is to horrifically mutilate demons in Dante’s inferno. And on the occasion I’ll take home a boy to slaughter later, I’m kidding. I do enjoy adventure games though, with a little bit of puzzle fun added to it.  While most kids were playing Legend of Zelda people, I played Spyro and Sonic the Hedgehog for hours.  It was at a young age I also got my first taste at Silent Hill 1, a stepping-stone for horror games. I suppose I have a slight infinity for horror and violent games because of my love for horror movies.

Put two together and you can imagine my excitement when the Silent Hill movie came out in 2006. I still wait in anticipation for a possible Bioshock film, and for Silent Hill Revelation set to come out in 3D this year. So, for good ol’ newspaper style sake, I’m going to cut this intro short. If you’re going to take anything from this just know I am a slow, slightly sleep-deprived, odd, journalist that likes to sit her ass on the couch and chop up animated characters.

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