The movie sherpa

Hello all my brothers and sisters in the gaming world. I will be posting under the alias of Will Damous (my pen name) or you may call me the Sherpa .I am a writer, so I will be reviewing video games I find noteworthy and movies you may want to see, missed, never heard of, or were curious about. I am one of your guides and I am here to help.

My whole life I have played video games, watched movies, and read books. I look back at all the time I’ve wasted doing these things and I think to myself…time well wasted. Because now I get to share with all of you the deserving, the proud, the awesome people of the internets. So of course I leapt at the opportunity to talk to you people.

Let’s start off about who I am, or better yet my upbringing. I was probably raised by movies and video games more so than by my own parents. Watching and learning from them was all I could do. Some of my earliest memories would have to be huddling up in front of my TV screen and playing Mario on the NES, as well as Duck Hunt and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And then running downstairs to my VHS player and watch Star Wars on my awesome 27” full screen. Also I don’t know if I’m alone in saying this but when I was a kid, I would take my Gameboy and my awesome sauce copy of Pokemon Red and play in my washroom. I to this day have no idea why I played in the washroom but it just made sense.

I have been called unique and unusual among other things and I welcome these comments, because if everyone was the same, life would be very boring. For those who get to know me, I would recommend you first get to know those who already know me, and then question everyone’s sanity.

Yes, I am a college student and I am currently studying Human Resources but my occupation has nothing to do with my hobbies and my interests. I love learning about movies and I love spreading my knowledge of movies.

So as a person literally raised by movies, I would like to spread my knowledge so that you the people, YES you the people don’t have to go to a bad movie and be disappointed because it turned out to be something its not. Because don’t we all hate it when you see a commercial and think something’s going to be good and then just as you hand over your hard-earned money you get a big…flop.

I love majority of movies and spend majority of my disposable income purchasing the home versions of these movies. I do not regret the money I have lost/spent because I will keep these movies with them to the day I die (roughly spent around $2500 on movies…I don’t want to count how much that would come to with factoring in video games -_- ).

As for video games, I stand amazed at the technology available today. I am disappointed that for most games, the story appears to have taken a back seat to action and gameplay. But I digress, games have gotten better and I will continue to play them.

Now for my preferences in movies. I enjoy adventure movies mainly because I like to be taken on an adventure. But what would an adventure movie be without action? It would be a cake with no icing, it’s still cake but it lacks sweetness. But for my favorite movie of all time I would have to say it is Equilibrium, and if you have not heard of this movie expect a review of it from me in the near future. Movies I cherish are the Indiana Jones movies (specifically 1 and 3 because as we all know 2 and 4 don’t exist ) and Star Wars movies (because ALL of them are awesome and deserve recognition). So that’s the main jist of movies from me, myself, and I.

Now onto the amazing area of video games. I myself prefer RPGs. Now I like this genre for many reasons. One being customization, this is important because a video game to me is like letting me become a part of a story and the best way to do that is let me make my own guys choices. Two being story, now out of all the games I have played in my expansive career called life the only games that I have seen have epic stories are RPGs. After knowing my preference towards RPGs I would like to let everyone know that this is the genre I will most likely be talking about.

Anyway that is just part of me in a short yet somewhat long nutshell. Look forward to future posts :).

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