We’re going to need a bigger Mech

Hey kiddies. VexingViper here to reveal some big news in the world of online gaming. It’s felt like forever since the day we took control of our first battlemech. Now after years of painful waiting, MechWarrior is finally making a much-needed return. MechWarrior Online is an upcoming free-to-play action simulation game. After being in development hell for the past few years, the kind folks over at Piranha Games have taken it upon themselves to reboot this super star franchise.

There have been a lot of ideas thrown into the pool for this game. However so far, the most interesting idea is a first-person experience. This will be the first time in a MechWarrior game that a first-person view will be added. All other MechWarrior games have been third-person, so it’ll be very interesting to see how this plays out. Having played past MechWarrior games. I have a doubtful opinion on this subject. Battle Mechs are large machines that require a good amount of viewing space so that the player won’t get confused on where they need to be going or where enemy fire is coming from. Let’s hope the developers will come up with a wonderful idea to counter the problem of sigh.

One of the most important aspects of an MMO is player vs player combat, so you MW fans out there can take a sigh of relief. A faction based PVP system is being developed for this game. Players can take sides with one of six factions. House Kurita, House Davion, House Liao, House Marik, House Steiner and the Free Rasalhague Republic. Of course, each of these factions will have their own backstory and reasons for fighting one another.

The last bit of information I’d like to share with you is what the developers are working on to bring a new kind of experience to future players. They are doing this by building on four different pillars:

  • Mech Warfare – The embodiment of Mech-to-Mech combat.
  • Role Warfare – The ability for players to customize their experience to suit their own style of game play.
  • Community Warfare – The ability to let the players take part in epic combat for territorial control.
  • Information Warfare – Bring a new element to the battlefield that incorporates information technology to help control the fight

There is no doubt that if the developers are able to make all of the pillars work together that this will be one of the biggest games of the near future. No official release date has been made, but the developers have predicted a 2012 release. But until then hold onto your Battlemechs kids, it might be a bumpy ride.

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