Seriously dude, you only have one controller?

One of my earliest memories I can recall with clarity is playing Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Although, Bison was a pain in the ass, I will never, ever, ever, EVER forget the first time I beat Sagat, as I sat there for hours, on the verge of tears, throwing my controller across the basement in an attempt to bring his tall frame down- nothing will ever beat the gratifying shout “I beat him”, a phrase that would manifest itself in my life on numerous occasions.

So where do I start. I was raised as Nintendo kid. We had Nintendo, SNES, and Nintendo 64- this was all I knew when it came to consoles (was rocking Wolfenstein PC on a floppy disk back in 94′ though, yes I remember this, I also played a lot of Quake II on PC as well.) until 2002 or so when I got my Sega Dreamcast, this would essentially turn my casual gaming habits into a full blown digital addiction. Although I am a big fan of consoles (PS3 owner now, and yes I miss Halo) computer gaming was huge in my teenage years, especially MMORPG’s. I remember the first time I played the beta for the game R.Y.L. (Risk Your Life), it was essentially a generic Korean grindfest, however it became my new life. Spending hours killing the same mobs over and over again with school friends, hoping to find good treasure made me want to do nothing, but play MMO’s.

I would say my knowledge in gaming is strong when it comes to MMO’s as I’ve played so many I couldn’t attempt to count. It started with RYL, then Runescape, then City of Heroes (Nothing like logging on for the first time during a double exp weekend), Knight Online, Age of Conan, World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, Ragnarok,- the list goes on, but one game will always be responsible for some of my fondest digital memories. Starwars Galaxies (pre-combat upgrade), for me this was the richest environment for the MMORPG community. I miss my house on Naboo and my pimped out space yacht, RIP SWG- Bloodfin Master Creature handler FTW.

Although I do not get the time to spend on MMORPG’s like I used to, in the last few years I have become more open to the console genre as I got tired of constantly upgrading my PC. I am a huge Elder Scrolls fan, and enjoy the Rainbow Six series. I am also a huge fan of racing games, even though they seemed to have gone downhill since the days of NFS underground. Despite my lack of time, I always end up playing video games at least once in the week (I know that if I sit down for five minutes, its going to be five hours, especially if I’m visiting Whiterun.)

Well what am I going to bring you? Not reviews, its just not my gig. I’m too nice to hate on the result of hours of strenuous work developers spend on their titles. Instead, I am more of an analyst, especially when it comes to culture. So what I hope to bring you are short pieces regarding the culture and trends in the gaming world (and sometimes general geek culture). Gaming is huge these days and I want to give insight regarding the changes in the gaming society – whether it be gamer expectations or the love/hate relationship between gamers and MMO’s.

I am glad to be a part of this blog, and look forward to working with staff and other contributors. When it comes down to it, I’m a closet nerd, and I need somewhere to lay down all these observations when it comes to the digital culture of today. I primarily plan on writing, but I’m always down for a little podcast fun, and if I had a few brews don’t be surprised if a VLOG about DLC shows up. I’m thinking something about ultimate gamer munchies is a good starting topic, but until then… As always. Do it Live.


Nicholas Camilleri

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