Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure adds three new characters

This is Zook, Sunburn and Lightning Rod, shown above. These three pedestalled characters are the newest additions to the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure family.

According to an Activision press release, these are the descriptions for the three new characters (from left to right):

Zook (left) is a life character and comes locked and loaded with a bazooka attack. His hand-carved bamboo bazooka fires special explosive thorns and he can protect himself with his foliage barriers as he wanders throughout Skylands. Zook joins Stealth Elf and Stump Smash in the currently available line-up of life characters.”

Sunburn (middle) is part dragon and part phoenix, making him one of the most unique creatures in Skylands. Sunburn hails from the fire element and although he can breathe flames like the best of them, he can also teleport to protect himself. Sunburn rounds out the line-up of fire characters, joining Ignitor, Flameslinger and Eruptor.”

Lightning Rod (right) is a celebrity among the Skylanders and joins Whirlwind and Sonic Boom to the roster of available air element characters. His primary attack, the lightning bolt, packs a powerful zap, while his secondary attack – grand lightning summoning – can take out a wider range of baddies.”

These three characters are available at your local EB Games and GameStop retail stores as part of the Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack.

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