Sherpa’s Guide: Equilibrium… “I pay it gladly”

Hello my brothers and sisters of the gaming world. The movie Sherpa again with my first movie review. In case any of you have missed the epicly chocolate-coated blockbuster under the title of “Equilibrium”, then kill yourself….not really but you will be debating it after you watch the movie and started thinking about what it is that you were doing with your life up to this point.

I’m serious about this one. This movie is so awesome you’re going to pretend to be a Grammaton Cleric pretending your fingers are guns and your killing everyone in the room with mathematical accuracy. it is also so memorable you will be wondering why most people don’t know about it. there’s a reason for that guys and gals we don’t really want idiots to see it. So what does that make all of you? Well the privileged few, of course.

Equilibrium is a science-fiction action film made in 2002 written and directed by a man named Kurt Wimmer, who worked in recent films such as Law Abiding Citizen and Salt. It stars Christian Bale as a Grammaton Cleric named John Preston. Sean Bean plays his partner in the beginning of the film. What more could you want?

I know I said a word there that most of you have yet to understand, “Grammaton Cleric”, which is viewed as the weapon of fate for the church of the Tetragrammaton. They use a fighting style called gun kata, in which the user uses handguns to eliminate their enemy. “Oh, but don’t all hero’s use handguns? That’s not really special.” Well just to let you know, the Grammaton Cleric uses numerous mathematical equations for shooting patterns which give a max kill radius while at the same time keeping the cleric from any predictable response fire. They are also experts in sword fighting and hand-to-hand combat. Unfortunately ladies and gents, these are the bad guys, well except for the hero.

The movie is set in a post-apocalyptic world that is still rebuilding after a third world war. A totalitarian/fascist state emerged from the rubble by the name of the church of the Tetragrammaton who are ruled by a man named “Father” who rules with an iron fist and word is law, and whose ideology for their new world is that the reason why humans are so cruel, evil, harsh, and so inhuman to one another is due to our emotions; “our ability to feel”. Their solution was to create a drug, which taken regularly will nullify all emotion within a person making them a peaceful, empty shell.

However, not everyone was so welcoming of this new ideology. These people were labeled “sense offenders” (sounds like sex offender right?). On top of trying to isolate these people, they are also attacking anything that can make a human feel (i.e. pictures, perfume, color, music, and much more), and even go as far to kill dogs because without emotion, they cannot understand their purpose. However, they have a problem: how do they remove all of this efficiently and effectively? So they forge a new weapon aptly named “the Grammaton Cleric”, as i wrote about earlier. These clerics hunt down and eradicate all sense offenders and anything that is registered as EC-10, basically the stuff that makes you feel. So far, the church of the Tetragrammton have been winning, but there is the Resistance who keeps striking at facilities that produce the drug that nullifies people’s emotions. Their objective is that once someone starts to feel, they will not want to go back to that empty shell of a life.

But in all seriousness if you haven’t seen this movie, go to an electronics/wholesale store near you try to find it (HMV will always have it), it will most likely be $5 or $6 dollars. In the words of John Preston, “I pay it gladly.” Its a good movie because you can compare it to today’s society and how we should be grateful for our emotions and ability to feel. Yes it can make us do bad stuff and there are bad emotions we would like to get rid of, but its because of those bad things that make the good ones …well good. “Without love, without anger, without sorrow, breath is just a clock ticking.”

Anyway, this has been your Sherpa’s guide for the movie, Equilibrium. To all my brothers and sisters keep watching folks 🙂

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