leaks new big name titles for PS Vita, an online retailer, has leaked four massive titles to be released for the PlayStation Vita, including Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights, Monster Hunter Portable 3, Tales of Innocence R, and Final Fantasy Type-O HD.

Eurogamer reader el_pollo_diablo sent the image to the site. According to Eurogamer, these games may be linked to the upcoming PS Vita Heaven event, to be held on March 9th.

The leaked image above was seen by reader, "el_pollo_diablo", who sent the photo to Eurogamer.

So what can be said about these games? Are any of them confirmed? As of now, only Monster Hunter Portable 3 is listed for a pre-order price of £39.99. The other games have since been taken down, but the image on the right is still available on Eurogamer’s site in their news piece.

We’ll have to wait and see on March 9th’s Heaven event to see about the confirmation about the other three games.

With files from Eurogamer

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