What do you mean there’s no power? SimCity 5 Trailer release.

Hello readers. This lovely Wednesday morning has me aching for a good walk in the pleasant 13 degree weather, but tearing me away from a new SimCity cinematic trailer is damn well near impossible.

Although I never got a chance to play the first SimCity (original was released the year I was born in 1989!), my first days as a “City Planner” started in the late 90’s when I got SimCity 2 in a combo pack with what I think was the game MDK. The child I was, I had no clue as to what I was doing and most of the time couldn’t even get power to most of the city, let alone sufficient plumbing. In those days, the game was basically 2D, and the series has come quite a long way with the last release “SimCity Societies”, giving a more enjoyable approach to city planning, and leaving many fans of the franchise feeling the game was “dumbed-down”. However this upcoming title is labelled SimCity 5.

The new SimCity 5 game is looking towards a 2013 release date.

The new release was announced at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in Los Angeles and is slated to arrive to PC in 2013.

With Will Wright not at the helm of things, some Maxis fans are skeptical of what the next city planning simulator will be like. Senior Vice President of EA’s Maxis division said at the conference, using the GlassBox Engine will supply players the tools to play ‘the most sophisticated simulation of its kind.’

A new challenge the game will offer is having to deal with ‘real-life’ social issues. From climate change to resource management, players will have to ensure the public’s out-cry never turns into a riot on the streets (unless you’re like me and like watching them rebel).

The trailer, although cinematic, displays many of the classic elements SimCity fans have learned to love and loath. We see the Sea Ports, the hydro generators, the dirty industrial sector, and the entertainment stadium, that many of us would cheat to obtain. In the full trailer with the insider’s look, a new “multiplayer” option is explained, and players can now look forward to not only having to deal with their own city’s problem, but other user’s cities in the “region”. Regions will host many players, and each city will have an influence on others, as displayed in the trailer regarding power issues.

The game is set to release in 2013, so hoping we don’t get annilihated by some “random” natural disaster or suffer a “spontanious” alien invasion before the end of 2012, fans just like the guys with the tin foil hats, will have to wait this one out.

With Files from PC Mag

Remember readers, DoitLive.

Nicholas Camilleri

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