Downpour Reviews coming in….

With the launch of Silent Hill: Downpour dropping tomorrow, reviews are already coming in for the much anticipated 8th installment of the hit franchise.

Reviews for the most part have been generally positive across the board, except for a review from popular media news site

Here are the official scores for a number of the sites, followed by the score by IGN.

Rely on Horror – 9.0

Destructoid – 8.0

GameSpot – 7.5

IGN – 4.5

It’s amazing how well IGN has broken away from the pack on this one. But of course, everyone’s opinion is different, and as a journalist, it’s my duty to remain biased on the surface unless I were to review this game personally.

But from the looks of things, I don’t feel this game really deserves a 4.5 out of 10. I mean, I also don’t think its a perfect Silent Hill game as an outsider looking in, but maybe it fits the same standards as its predecessors like Homecoming or Shattered Memories. Downpour seems to be a title that’s playing with the concepts of the Otherworld, which has remained a consistent trait in the franchise. Downpour’s Otherworld levels will contain a lot of water themes, like how Shattered Memories had a consistency with ice.

So click the links above to check out the four reviews. Don’t base your views off these opinions, and upload release of the game, make your own opinions and judgment.

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