GTA Gamers hits Facebook!

With close to 1000 hits on the site’s stats for number of views, we figured it was time to step it up a notch.

As of today, you can choose to “like” the new Facebook Fan Page of GTA Gamers, as co-created by our businessman, Silvio Mazzulla.

With the Facebook Fan Page, our goal from there is to get our friends more involved in the site. We want them to have a reason to come to the site, not only by just promoting ourselves, but to reach out and grab those whose interests are equal to our own.

I know it sounds rather intense, but basically what we can all do to get the name out there is to invite people whom we think would enjoy the content provided. Or…you can choose to go all out and send a massive set of invites to all 500 or so of your friends (given that you have 500 plus friends on Facebook, but still).

To the writers and contributors as well as fellow editors, its time we took GTA Gamers to the big scene (whatever that means). Be sure to like the page yourself, as your names are already listed in our about page under Description, under Staff. Be sure to invite any and all friends whom you think our content adheres to the most, as explained above.

Now, for those new readers out there, be sure to click the link below and like our page. We will continue to provide (at best) the latest, most interesting news, as well as indepth reviews of the old and new. Be sure to check out our monthy Stardust Drive Podcast. Last month’s podcast is available under the Podcast tab at the top of the page.

Hope you enjoy, and come on back, you hear?

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