LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes trailer is…kind of a tease

After playing the first LEGO Batman videogame about a year or two ago, I was thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail, and the simplicity from which these two worlds collided.

Now we’re in the year 2012, and a sequel to the hit title is making its debut later this year. A trailer was just released through

Now when you think LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and you look at the second half of that title, what’s your first reaction? Well see, mine was, “Oh, so they’re bringing the Justice League in.” I think that’s a really cool concept, but from the trailer, the only new superhero you see is Superman, so what gives?

From what I saw, Joker and Bane seem to be back on the villains side, as well as a number of other villains that I either missed or looked unfamiliar at first glance.

But back to my original point, if you’re going to have the DC Super Heroes involved, at least show them. This is supposed to be a legit first look trailer, and you had a minute and 28 seconds to at least show off some Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, and Hawkgirl at best. Oh and by the way, if you’re going to go that route, why bother making it a sequel to LEGO Batman, why not just make an IP out of Justice League: LEGO Justice League, hello!?

But that’s not my only complaint from this trailer. Not even 5 seconds after the footage starts rolling of Warner Bros. and Take Two Software’s logos do you hear someone talking.

That’s my complaint, I heard a voice inside a LEGO Batman videogame.

As far as things have gone in the past, LEGO characters have never talked. I don’t remember the Harry Potter, Indiana Jones or Star Wars LEGO series’ characters ever talking, that’s because they kept the consistency of using their actions to display humor. That’s why I loved the first game so much, because its cute. You already know the characters very well, so seeing them shown in a different light through physical humor is almost nostalgic, mostly reminiscent of the humor you find when you hear the corny lines coming out of the mouths of Adam West and Burt Ward’s renditions of Batman and Robin from the 60s.

But still, this is a first-look trailer, so maybe there will be more to come. Development time for most LEGO games are fairly substandard, so I don’t see this game waiting for a Winter 2012 release bracket.

I’ll keep an eye out for this sequel’s updates for you guys as they continue, and maybe when it comes out, I’ll pick it up and do a review of it. We’ll see how I feel about it then.

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