New Mass Effect 3 DLC crossover in Final Fantasy XIII-2 characters

Final Fantasy Meets Mass Effect In This Amazing DLC Crossover

Noel (left) and Serah (right) will don the N7 outfit from Mass Effect in this new batch of DLC.

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday. What happens when you take a successful franchise like Final Fantasy and mix it with the futuristic run-and-gun shooter elements of Mass Effect?

Well who knows, but what if you take two characters and dress them in the traditional Mass Effect suits? Well you get what you see in the above image.

Characters Serah and Noel from the recent Final Fantasy installment, XIII-2, will be getting a new clothing DLC, which allows them to don the N7 outfit, worn by Commander Shepard.

The DLC costumes were revealed through, but how is it that these characters gathered the clothing?

Well according to an article on, Serah and Noel presumably killed Commander Shepard and took her clothes, blaming it on a paradox. Sounds a little unrealistic, but in this case the importance is not for the reasons behind acquring the costumes, but just the idea of Final Fantasy characters in Mass Effect attire.

It’s really something you don’t see everyday.

With files from FamitsuKotaku, and Andriasang

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