New Updates on Pokemon Black and White 2 (Apr 15th 2012)

As seen on Pokemon Smash, new updates were revealed about the new Pokemon Black and White 2 video game.

White Kyurem uses "Ice Burn" on Serperior, a new move available only to White Kyurem.

Popular Pokemon channel “giancarloparimango11” on Youtube released a 10-minute video citing updates from Pokemon Smash, which included a new intro for the game, new gameplay footage showing the biggest starting city ever seen in a Pokemon handheld game, stunning 3D graphics, as well as a demo battle with the protagonist’s new rival in the game.

Early footage of the game shows the female protagonist travelling in the grass, assumed to be soon after getting your first Pokemon, and running into wild Pokemon like Azurill and Lillipup. And finally to top it all off, an epic battle between Reshiram and Black Kyurem was shown. Black Kyurem showcased its new move, Freeze Shock, which is special only to it. White Kyurem is also seen after using its special move, Ice Burn.If you want to keep updated on Pokemon Black and White 2, then look no further than GTA Gamers.

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