Pokemon Black and White 2 Updates (Apr 22/2012)

A new trailer was revealed through Serebii.net which depicts more of the same game footage, but also introduces Keldeo, a special event Pokemon available to Black and White originally.

An image of CoroCoro magazine, confirming Keldeo's appearence in the new Black and White 2 games.

What connection does Keldeo have to Black and White 2? Keldeo is seen during the trailer in combat with Emboar briefly, and is supposed to have a much larger appearence during next week’s new information reveal on Pokemon Smash in Japan.

The trailer also gives a better look at the new Water gym, which looks to be flooded, and allows your character travel across the water by lillypad. If history repeats itself, it shall be another gym shaped in the fashion of a puzzle, complete with trainers and all.

So as for next week, keep an eye open to Serebii.net for anything relating to the legendary Pokemon, Keldeo. Until then, here’s the second trailer for Black and White 2.


With files from Serebii.net

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