The Ghost Of Sparta returns for blood in God of War: Ascension

For all you God Of War fans, myself included, developers studio Sony Santa Monica are back with another God Of War game, God of War: Ascension. You may be thinking, “Where could they take Kratos now? He has been through hell and back, what’s next?”

Well, we have seen all his struggles after his main life altering experience. For the non-GoW fans or future fans a bit of a spoiler – he kills his wife and child by accident in the name of the gods, thus the blood-lust revenge. But we have never been given a clear story of the events leading to this point.

This upcoming game seems to fill that void, in other words it is a prequel to the other 3 games (main story wise). It will cover the events leading up to his hatred of the gods, and his replacement of Ares, the original god of war.

After watching the teaser trailer released by IGN Entertainment, I myself felt the fire burn inside, and I’m ready to take control of Kratos again and discover all the events of his haunting past. Hopefully this game  won’t be just a money grab, and hopefully the story will be as interesting as the other games.

With that said, I await a demo, in which case I will write another short review to cover it. Watch the trailer and leave me a comment with your thoughts. Though the trailer is kinda short, hopefully as we move through the months more will come out.

Till next time!


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