The History of RBG (Red/Blue/Green): The Machinima

The definition of a “Machinima”, according to the great is as follows:

Machinima (play/məˈʃnɨmə/ or /məˈʃɪnɨmə/) is the use of real-time 3D computer graphics rendering engines to create a cinematic production. Most often, video games are used to generate the computer animation. Machinima-based artists, sometimes called machinimists or machinimators, are often fan laborers, by virtue of their re-use of copyrighted materials.

In simpler terms, with the right technology, equipment, patience and time, you could create your own story within the world of a videogame. One outlet that made machinimas more popular was Rooster Teeth Productions, responsible for the critically-acclaimed science-fiction comedy “Red vs Blue”, based off the popular video game series Halo. The story follows a Red and Blue team who are battling within a box canyon, and neither team knows why or to what avail their battling and existence does for the military. The first episode aired on April 1, 2003. The show was only supposed to last a few episodes, but the success and popularity of the show stretched the show even farther, as the team behind RvB are heading into their 10th season. Although they weren’t the first to make machinimas, they were the main inspiration for what would become RBG (Red/Blue/Green), created by myself, and co-created by Anthony Cusimano and Shanise Stewart.

Originally under the title, Our Attempt at RvB (Red vs Blue), the original show idea followed very closely to Red vs Blue’s storyline, and followed two teams in a box canyon in battle with one another. The show was created solely as an inspiration and fan-fiction, and was to be filmed online on the PC version of Halo, but plans for that fell through when we lacked the technology and time to dedicate towards it. The three of us disbanded writing the show, and the final episode of season 1 (Episode 12: To Infinity and Beyond), was written by myself, and I continued the show for another 2 seasons, and 2 sequel series afterwards.

To go into better detail about the story and characters, Season 1 introduced us to the Red Team, which consisted of Lincoln, Rose, Johnson, and Higgins, and the Blue Team, Innes, Leeroy, Dex, and Johnny, who are met by Captain McCloud, an ex-freelancer, and ex-Prophet whose come to Blood Gulch to finish a prophecy that was sealed in stone more than 500 years ago (fiction- by the original RvB soldiers). The Reds and Blues are taken under the wing of Captain McCloud, being forced to put aside their differences and work together to save the universe from the tyrannical leader of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) Corporation, the corporation responsible for the creation of the original AIs from RvB’s story, and is now working with the Gravemind/Flood to create artificial super-soldiers, and declare world domination. The series spanned 50 episodes and 3 seasons before moving to a new sequel.The original 50 episodes/scripts are available below.

Our Attempt at RvB (Red vs Blue)

Season 1:

Episode 1: Pilot

Episode 2: The Blue Team Storm

Episode 3: Don’t Fuk Wit My Treads!

Episode 4: White and Whiterer

Episode 5: Short-Term Invasion

Episode 6: Don’t You Ever Listen?

Episode 7: The Usual

Episode 8: Turbo Lover

Episode 9: Blue vs. Red?

Episode 10: Return to Sender

Episode 11: Initiation of Epic Porportions

Episode 12: To Infinity and Beyond

Season 2:

Episode 13: First of Plenty

Episode 14: No Hope

Episode 15: Where are my 72 Virgins!?

Episode 16: Close, Yet So Far

Episode 17: In the Heat of the Moment

Episode 18: Enjoy the Silence

Episode 19: Farthest from the End

Episode 20: Burned

Episode 21: Getting the Facts Straight

Episode 22: Returning to the Basics

Episode 23: An Ideal Waste of Time

Episode 24: Pasta Tense

Episode 25: It’s a Bird, No a Plane!

Episode 26: You’d Need Big Balls

Episode 27: Leader Abuse

Episode 28: Grass is Always Greener On the Other Side

Season 3:

Episode 29: Cover-up

Episode 30: Side Tracked

Episode 31: Captain Asshole

Episode 32: All Work and No Pay

Episode 33: The Word of the Day Is…

Episode 34: Plan ABC Squared

Episode 35: Last Words

Episode 36: Bright Tasks

Episode 37: Green Fever

Episode 38: Saving Private Higgins

Episode 39: Tainted Blood

Episode 40: Seems All Too Easy…

Episode 41: All Seriousness Aside

Episode 42: Lights, Camera, Action!

Episode 43: It Was a Pleasure Serving You, Dumb Ass!

Episode 44: Reunion

Episode 45: Tick-Tock

Episode 46: Can We Procrastinate?

Episode 47: Preparations Complete

Episode 48: Re-Schedule or Come Back Later

Episode 49: Broken Bridges

Episode 50: Next Stop: 1000 Years


The end of Our Attempt at RvB was another turning point for the series. It was here that I decided it was best to continue in the direction I had been taking the series since the end of Season 1. No longer could the show be an attempt at another Red vs Blue, but it soon morphed into its own sort of thing. The name RBG came during the turning point in the middle of Season 3, when Innes’ character disbands the Blue Team, starting his own team with three of the AI Spartans that turn against their master and develop identities of their own. Reverend was killed during Episode 41, and then had his body infected by Ric later near the series finale. The remaining three green team members, Orion, Duncan and Digit, stayed with Innes and continued on to RBG as regular series characters. RBG in the color scheme stands for Red-Blue-Green, which represents all three teams, and serves as the extended sequel to the OOARVB series, with 27 episodes in total.

The series continues 1000 years in the future (filmed in Halo 2 universe), as the remaining three teams must reunite back at Command and continue their pursual of Ric, the revealed leader of the AI Corporation and bring him down. The series adapts a new genre of science-fiction-action-dramedy, as is considered to be one of the biggest turning point series of the three, as it also brings to conclusion the end of the AI Corporation as well as the original Reds and Blues.

RBG (Red/Blue/Green):

Episode 1: Recovery

Episode 2: Gunpoint

Episode 3: Judge

Episode 4: Survivor

Episode 5: Return

Episode 6: Elites

Episode 7: Disagreements

Episode 8: Mislead

Episode 9: Throne

Episode 10: Bitchonary

Episode 11: Tease

Episode 12: Suicide

Episode 13: Pressure

Episode 14: Pinned

Episode 15: Regroup

Episode 16: Takeover

Episode 17: Yield

Episode 18: Persona

Episode 19: Precision

Episode 20: Issues

Episode 21: Blindside

Episode 22: Gathering

Episode 23: Election

Episode 24: Course

Episode 25: Pawn

Episode 26: Package

Episode 27: End

End of RBG Series

Higgins, Orion, Duncan and Digit remain behind with Captain McCloud and Ruby to enlist in the freelancer program in the second sequel series, RBG Z, which delves further into the histories of both AI Spartan Orion, who carries a huge secret that could tear the very fabric of the remaining Freelancers apart, as well as Raine, the business partner of Ric from RBG who carries a much larger connection to the Freelancer tale. The soldiers face off against a new threat, Governor Grady, a corrupt dictator bent on bringing down the Freelancers once and for all. The series also introduces a new squad of Red and Blue soldiers as secondary characters who get caught in the middle of this growing war.


Episode 1: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Episode 2: History Lessons

Episode 3: Getting Your Hands Dirty

Episode 4: Beliefs are Redonkulus

Episode 5: Cheap Shots

Episode 6: Making the Best of the Worst

Episode 7: Neighborly Disputes

Episode 8: Assert

Episode 9: The Watchful Eyes of the Innocent

Episode 10: Here Comes the Punch

Episode 11: Just Messin’ with Ya

Episode 12: The Other Guys

Episode 13: Re-living the Past

Episode 14: The Crossroad

Episode 15: So the Story Goes

Episode 16: Split Personality

Episode 17: Breaking out of the Cage

Episode 18: Survival Instincts

Episode 19: Hellfire

Episode 20: On to Bigger and Better Things…

End of RBG-(Z) Series

The series concludes on a rather bittersweet note, as Higgins and returning Blue Team member Johnny are discharged and the new Reds and Blues are sent off to their next location, which is hinted at being Halo: Reach. The show ended and was not continued, until last year, when the series was rebooted, and Carter and I were able to film in-game footage and produce a three-part mini-series called “Squadron 1337 (LEET)”, which followed the original eight soldiers from the Red and Blue armies under command of Captain McCloud in a custom-made mountain base, as the two teams co-mingle and are sent on various missions throughout the galaxy. Although when the fight comes home and the Elites storm the base, Squadron 1337 must band together in order to fight back against the Aliens.

The scripts were lost in limbo, and the only evidence left of this series is in this reveal trailer, that was custom-created to showcase all the work that had been put in last summer to get this done. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for taking this journey down memory lane with me.

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