Online Comics (hopefully) for Gamers

I’m Online Comics today, kids! Most of us enjoy the Sunday Funnies or at least remember getting an Archie comic or two when we were kids. As with most things, there’s the Rule 34 online variety. From Rage Comics with troll-faces to weekly strips you find on deviantART’s front page every time you log in. By the end of this post I hope you’ll find a comic to your tastes.

The first comic I’ve found is of the adorable variety. GaMERCaT reminds me of Garfield, except rather than eating lasagna and tormenting his owner’s dog, this cat drinks Mountain Dew and eats Doritos while playing a variety of video games. Between the cute adaptations of gaming and internet memes and the fun of just seeing an animal play video games, I love it. Maybe I should be on 4chan? Kitties ❤

This next one is more on the…muscular side. Literally. Manly Guys Doing Manly Things is just that. Although it centers around an employment agency for retired game heroes like Duke Nukem and Kratos (from God of War) who need help rejoining society, I found myself entertained by the antics of Commander, Jared and Mr. Fish and loved seeing characters from games I haven’t played in a while (like Dragon Age! Makes me want to go back and make a new character. Oh the Pigeons!) Speaking of birds, it has silly references to little things like Shale’s hate of them. She’s from Dragon Age, for those who don’t know. Maybe I’m just a sucker for men with bulging biceps, but I doubt it. Have you seen how skinny my boyfriend is? Well, anyway…

This one is a bit more of a Nintendo throwback. It Sucks To Be Weegie is about that green guy from the Mario Games. Remember him? What was his name? Centered around how there are very few Luigi games and he’s almost never in the Mario games. It’s cartoony and witty and makes you wish that there were more Luigi’s Mansion games…or, well, more Luigi games in general. The guy’s depressed enough. With a gay best friend (Link) and an older brother with a shadow WAY too long for his height, Luigi’s got a lot on his plate. I especially like bar strips! Those cute little Potions for drinks! It’s awesome. Check it out when you get a chance!

Minor Acts of Heroism (or MAOH) is about little heroes! This is a very stylized and colourful series with fun characters–WITH SUPER POWERS! I love the idea of becoming friends with the Superhero, or kid in this case, you idolize. This comic has magic in it. You begin to love the characters as soon as you meet them and kind of wish you were younger and use some sort of rift-opening device to enter the comic and hangout with these kids.

Here we have Paranatural. The premise is that Max and his family have moved to a new town and live about his father’s convenience store. But Max isn’t quite “normal.” HE SEES DEAD PEOPLE!! Actually, he sees spirits. Along with the rest of the Activity Club at his new school, he gets into shenanigans fighting evil spirits and possessed toilet plungers.

From gaming kitties to little boys with super powers, I enjoy these online comics! I hope you will, too. As I get back into online comic reading/following, I may add more or make another post. For now give me suggestions!

– Lauren

P.S. I’m a big sister now! =D

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