From humble beginnings: Will173 Productions from its origins to its conclusion

I thought this would be harder to do, but I guess its not because I’m not completely finished making magic for the internet.

As some of you may not know, I had been carrying on a Youtube channel for many years. Back in December 2006, I brought forth my first ever video to “will173”, which was a video game music video for the game Silent Hill 4: The Room.

So the early days of Will173 Productions consisted of video game music videos for horror video games, and then the start of a brand new series titled “Kingdom Hearts: The LOL Parodies”, which dealt with inserting humorous audio clips from various films and television shows overtop of cutscenes of characters talking during Kingdom Hearts. The series became a staple success, and is probably my most well known batch of videos ever made.

The series ended in May 2007 after 9 gut-wrenchingly funny episodes, and from there my fan base began to decline. People shifted away from my channel for a little while as I started to make less and less popular videos. Eventually I went on hiatus for a few years.

Although in the early days, a lot of my videos were made utilizing the simplest of video production tools like Windows Movie Maker, it wasn’t until the summer of 2010 when I picked up my first video camera and movie editing software that I saw my return to making videos, but this time, I would go in front of the camera and show my face for the first time in 4 years. Of course, before purchasing this equipment, I had started making a few videos off of my small camera, which I used to take photos with. Over on Facebook, I had been recording early renditions of our Stardust Drive band videos, and if you are friends with me on Facebook, you can still go and find the original 15 videos there.

2010 Logo for Will173 Productions

After a really bad breakup in the winter of 2010, I had to put my attention onto something a little more creative, so video-making came back into my life. I started making video blogs, talking about random things like nature or even just updates on what I’d be doing for the channel over the next little while. I made my first mini-series called “How I Suck At” in June 2010, featuring myself and Carter as I tried to play through the CIA level of Splinter Cell, a game that’s plagued me for many years due to my impatience of stealth-action games. Anthony made a few guest appearances during the early videos, as he also contributing audio towards my Kingdom Hearts parody series in the past.  As well, my brother Carter would join me for a lot of my videos too. Both of them have their own Youtube channels they attend to, and both are now currently executive editors and podcast co-hosts on this site.

By the end of the year, I was knee-deep in Will173 Productions, whipping out video after video and taking any response or views I could get. I was a little anal over the lack of views in the beginning, but I quickly came to realize that I had no clear niche, and therefore I wasn’t targetting any specific audience through my videos.

2011 Logo for Will173 Productions, designed by Carter Kee

The year of 2011 would prove to be a very busy year, and one where I would take more steps and take on more challenges, with the help of my friends for a lot of the projects I had going. A new intro was created for the year of 2011, using the song “Caravan” by Rush, which is a new song to be released on their new album, Clockwork Angels in June of this year.

I decided to dip my feet into the pot of both live-action shorts, and video game commentary walkthroughs, with hits like my Pokemon White and Shadow of the Colossus playthroughs, and my two-part live-action short series called “You Don’t Know Me”, which featured long-time pets Hayley the dog, Mr. B. the cat and Hector the guinea pig. By September, the decline in making videos started to increase, as I was dealing with a very stressful and hectic semester, filled with love, loss, and the damn school newspaper to top it off.

2012 logo created for this year, which would be the last logo for the Will173 Productions channel

A new intro was created for the year of 2012, using the same style of its previous intro, and same song. The only new videos that came from this year included a best of 2011 collaboration, as well as any videos created in my TV Production class during my fourth semester.

So now here in May, I created a hiatus/conclusion video to Will173 Productions, as I will be putting all my efforts and attention towards the site now. And with all the enthusiasm and hard work from our contributors and friends, I definitely feel we’ve gotten off to a great start. Here’s to the future for GTA Gamers, and you can always check out my work on Youtube under “will173”.

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