“Amazing” pre-order bonus for Amazing Spiderman – Stan Lee playable character

If you were debating over purchasing the movie tie-in videogame for The Amazing Spiderman, I believe Marvel fans will definitely consider shifting to grab a pre-order as soon as they read this story.

According to an article on Kotaku.com, a special pre-order of the Amazing Spiderman videogame from Amazon.com will allow you to play a few missions as the legendary creator of Spiderman, Mr. Stan Lee.

Does this not look satisfying to you? Spiderman 1 the movie videogame allowed you to play as other characters, but not in a way THIS epic and amazing.

So if you want the chance to play as this comic book god, in purchasing the pre-order through Amazon, it will allow players to control the legendary comic creator, web-slinging through skies of Manhattan, delivering witty banter in his signature style. According to Kotaku.com, Activision promises a special surprise at the end of the mission arc, perhaps in connection to Spider-Man’s 50th anniversary.

In other news, Black Cat has also been confirmed as character in The Amazing Spiderman videogame, but may not exactly see eye to eye with the web-slinger in this rendition. That’s according to cinemablend.com, where you can find screenshots of Black Cat.

With files from Kotaku

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