Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Story Trailer Revealed

Most shooters games have a campaign mode that appears to get overlooked more often than it should. The Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises are a perfect example. Though I cannot vouch for the sake of Battlefield, and I never played Modern Warfare 3, I can say for certain that what I did play out of the first two Call of Duty Modern Warfare titles in terms of their campaign modes was an action-packed rollercoaster ride with interesting and lovable characters that actually kept me engaged throughout.

Now here we are met with another contender in the first-person shooter genre, and its a series that has dug its toes into the shooter franchise before. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon returns to the consoles with Future Soldier, a step into the futuristic, prototype high-tech weaponry, and state-of-the-art singleplayer and multiplayer. Long-time fans of the franchise should definitely find a home for Future Soldier when it arrives on May 22nd, and the franchise is also aiming to attract newcomers.

The question is, can it hold up in terms of multiplayer, in an area where Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty has dominated the servers for more than four years. It’ll be a tough battle, but even if it doesn’t hold up on the multiplayer end, players should not forget about what it provides in its campaign.

According to this new trailer, fans could definitely see the connection being made between the character who discusses his life in the war, returning home from the war and being brought back to fight, and can compare this to our modern day soldiers fighting the war in Iraq right now. The story aims to hit home to a lot of fans and I hope it lives up to its goals.

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