Pokemon Black and White 2 Updates (05/11/2012)

New information was leaked via Serebii.net regarding the new Pokemon Black and White 2 videogames.

The newest batch of information is as follows: there will be new forms of the legendary trio Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus. As shown in the Youtube video posted below, it comes as an unexpected surprise that the trio will be receiving forms of their own, but they will only be available through the game Pokemon AR Searcher, where you could then transfer the trio to your Black and White 2 games for usability.

The image leaked from CoroCoro magazine showcases the trio and their new forms, including what looks like Tornadus in its new form on the left.

The second batch of new information is regarding new and returning characters to the games. Black and White rivals Cheren and Bianca will be returning not as rivals to the protagonist, but in new positions. Cheren will be a new gym leader for the protagonist to battle, and Bianca’s position has not been revealed as of yet.

Kanto gym leaders are said to be returning, including Misty, Brock, Erika, Lt. Surge, and Giovanni, and can be challenged to battle in a new facility known as “World Tournament”. Not only does the update reveal possible Kanto gym leaders, but the return of “various” gym leaders and elite four champions will gather, including Volkner and Steven. The battle facility is said to be run by Diamond and Pearl’s champion, Cynthia, according to the video below.

Also, Pokewood will be replacing the Musicals in the games. It is assumed that Pokewood is what can be seen in the trailers already released for the two games.

However, none of the information above has been officially confirmed, so this should all be taken with a grain of salt. Updates will continue to come in as the weeks progress.

With files from Serebii.net

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