“007 Legends” unveils first mission trailer: Moonraker

More than five-decades of James Bond story arch have come together to build the ultimate Bond experience, through this new title, “007 Legends”.

The first mission trailer was recently revealed through Machinima’s Youtube channel this afternoon, detailing the mission of Moonraker from the 1979 classic of-the-same-name, starring Roger Moore as the title character.

Here is the premise of the game, as it appears on the official website,

Our story begins deep in murky, watery depths. You’re James Bond, and you’re drifting, unconscious. You don’t know
why – only that you’re struggling for your life like never before. In moments of cognizance, you recall epic moments
from the last 50 years. The harrowing chases. The uber-villains. The exotic locales. The girls.

What will be your legend if this is the end?

In 007 Legends, you’ll take on the role of James Bond as played by Daniel Craig, running missions in the most iconic
settings of 007’s five-decade film history. The places and times remain classified, but each retains the look and feel of
the original movies, updated with reimagined characters, expanded gameplay and exciting new plotlines.

Which brings us back to your current predicament. The clock is ticking. Will this be yet another close brush with death,

or has your remarkably good luck dried up at last?

Only you can answer that, Bond.

Jaws, the villain man with the steel-teeth, is set to appear in the Moonraker mission

In this first mission of Moonraker, it showcases an epic moon-based adventure mission, and classic Bond music that’s been edged into our minds for decades. The game also plans to delve into Bond’s most anticipated film, Skyfall, hitting theatres this year.

According to the message from the developers on 007 Legend’s official site, the game is expected to be rich with action, choice, story, characters, secondary missions, intelligence to gather and bonus content to discover.  As well it will see great online and offline split-screen multiplayer modes that fans will be happy with.

So are you excited for this new anticipated Bond title? Five-decades of Bond history tied to a new story that is going to be a welcome return to a long-time classic series.

Now check out the new trailer for the Moonraker mission.

The game is being developed by Eurocom, and published by Activision. The game is set to be released on October 16th, 2012 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

With files from 007Legends.com

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