Aliens: Colonial Marines delayed to 2013

It looks like May has become the month of delays, in light of recent delays to such titles like Bioshock Infinite and Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

But now, SEGA’s Aliens: Colonial Marines will be joining the list of delayed games, and won’t be seeing a release to consoles until February 12th, 2013.

The game will ship on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, and a planned Wii U version is still in talks, with a release date being revealed at a later date.

Gearbox Software CEO and President Randy Pitchford commented on the delay on the Gearboxity blog, saying,

Our vision has been to create a video game sequel to the original Alien trilogy. Our vision is for the game to be fully featured with an exciting, suspenseful, thrilling and action packed narrative campaign that can be played alone or cooperatively combined with a robust competitive game where human players can take on the roles of Colonial Marines or Xenomorphs and do battle online. The game must be authentic.

So in the end, players should finally be glad that the game has a confirmed release date, and with the extended time between now and February, that should give the development team enough time to perfect their game and stay true to the Aliens universe.

Although this is not the first delay the game has seen in the last few months, players should be patient and expect great things come February 2013. A new release date trailer was also revealed in light of the delay.

With files from GameSpot and Gearboxity blog

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