E3 2012: After-thoughts from the Sony E3 2012 press conference

Today has been such a big day for video games, like E3 always is. We’ve seen big reveals, epic gameplay footage, and mind-blowing trailers from some of the biggest names in video game development.

Sony delivered a pretty great E3, but I feel like it ended off with a bigger bang than Microsoft’s conference did, with the gameplay demo for The Last of Us.

I’m really interested in learning more about the relationship between these two protagonists, and judging by how in-depth and detailed  the combat system works. The game is one of the most realistic experiences the PlayStation 3 will be expecting over the next few months.

The Last of Us is one of the biggest titles to be revealed by Sony this year.

New gameplay footage was revealed to add to what was already revealed for Ubisoft’s FarCry 3 and Assassin’s Creed III, as well as a PlayStation Vita version of Assassin’s Creed III, titled Liberation, and featuring the first female assassin of the series. The new gameplay footage for ACIII was confusing, because it showed a completely different protagonist in Connor, dressed like a revolutionary soldier and driving a large pirate ship. In the FarCry 3 footage, we saw stunning 4-player co-operative play, that set apart from the actual game. So whether it is drop-in/drop-out co-op, or a totally separate story, I was unable to pick up on.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale showcased four new characters, and confirmed the addition of Nathan Drake and Big Daddy from Bioshock as playable fighters in the roster. But of course, the game is ultimately no more than a Super Smash Bros. rip-off.

Take control of Jody Holmes (played by Ellen Page) in this exciting new IP title from Quantic Dream, titled Beyond: Two Souls

I definitely feel that Sony had a better introduction and extro to their press conferences. The introduction featured a montage of PlayStation titles, and the first game revealed was the new IP title by the developers of Heavy Rain. Beyond: Two Souls puts you in the shoes of Jody Holmes (voiced and likeness of Ellen Page), a character with a disturbing life whom is on the run. I’m excited to see more from this game, as I loved Heavy Rain and want to see more interactive video games like this one.

The Wonderbook was also another fun and quirky addition to the PlayStation product line, with the Wonderbook.  The product puts a physical book in your hands, and brings stories to life, allowing you to explore and interact like never before. The first book is co-created by J.K. Rowling, whom if you’ve been living under a rock for more than a decade, was the famous writer behind the popular Harry Potter franchise. Titled Book of Spells,  the book allows you to learn “spells” and interact with your television through the PlayStation Move, using your controller as a wand. Its a really cutesy creation, allowing older audiences a chance to return to exploring imaginative ideas, but you can tell that the Wonderbook is far from perfect, and definitely has a lot of work ahead of it before it can be released.

Book of Spells is the first title announced for the Wonderbook product.

All-in-all, its been a really great day of coverage. Ubisoft still holds strong on top of my list, and I feel Sony and Xbox have come to a tie, with Xbox winning in terms of additional content for the console, and Sony has won for exciting new titles coming our way. There’s definitely a lot of games I’m looking forward to this year and into 2013.

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