E3 2012: Splinter Cell: Blacklist screenshots leaked

According to Eurogamer, screenshots for the new unconfirmed Ubisoft Splinter Cell project, dubbed “Blacklist”, have been posted online by the French site Gamekyo.

The screenshot above depicts returning protagonist Sam Fisher in desert camouflage storming a dusty, Middle Eastern settlement.

Sam Fisher’s location, according to one of the photos is Mirawa: Jadid Basecamp, and depicts his location to be in a dusty, Middle Eastern settlement in broad daylight sporting desert camouflage.

The screenshots look promising, showcasing Fisher wielding a pistol and assault rifle, ducking behind cover, grappling off the side of a building while pointing his weapon, and what looks like a close-encounter interrogation. Plus, you can’t forget Fisher’s iconic trifogal goggles.

The much-anticipated Splinter Cell title will be under development by Ubisoft Toronto, and lead designer Jade Raymond.

Tune in to GTA Gamers for more news about this developing title.

With files from Eurogamer and Gamekyo

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