Muse publish trailer for upcoming sixth album, “The 2nd Law”

On their Youtube page, British rock band Muse released their sixth album trailer for “The 2nd Law”, which is expected to be released later this year.

Fans were initially taken back by the direction in which Muse is going. As the trailer suggests, the new album may incorporate some dubstep elements.

Now I have to add my own personal opinion on this matter. Muse has been my favorite band for the past six years now, and they are one of the few bands I’ve heard that can actually make a different style of music sound fantastic. Every album is exceptionally different and they do their music very well. I don’t hate any of their songs, so when I saw this trailer for their sixth album and heard about the possible dubstep inclusion, I just shrugged my shoulders and pressed play. What can you do? Let the band experiment and watch them create magic. What’s most important is that their lyrics and the songs they make and the passion they put into their writing is downright phenomenal, and I’ll be so excited when I get to see them live one day.

That dubstep robot from the Muse 2nd Law trailer

Back to news, The site is where you can watch the countdown to the next Muse album, estimated to drop September 17th, according to

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