Concert Overview: Foster the People @ Downsview Park (June 19th 2012)

It was a hot day in Downsview Park, and hundreds (maybe more than a thousand or so) young people gathered by a small stage to witness one of the biggest bands of the decade perform live in their hometown.

Opening for Foster the People were rising international artist Kimbra, who tore through the audience with her strong voice and in your face lyrics, while enveloped in a sexy, frilly teal-colored dress. Her band picked up the tempo with strong back-up instruments and a yet familiar sound to my ears with a little progressive rock during one of the sounds that put a smile on my face, and marked a definite throwback to the 80s moment.

Tokyo Police Club took to the stage next, and I was surprised when I first saw them. I had never seen pictures of them before and so I always assumed they were dressed in emo-punk type outfits, but they looked like a couple of young people only two or three years older than myself, rocking out in a modern-day indie, post-punk revival sound that was very hip and had the crowd roaring on their feet for the Newmarket band. I knew I would recall a tune by them since they were deathly popular on 102.1 The Edge, and sure enough I was able to recognize a tune or two, but of course not by name.

As soon as Foster the People came on, the intensity of the crowd had grown. The cool breeze that once blew through the audience prior to Kimbra’s initial arrival had been halted and replaced by the hot, steamy, sweating bodies of hundreds of people inching closer and closer to the stage, in hopes of getting the attention of a certain Mark Foster, co-founder of Foster the People.

Their opening song, Miss You, definitely set the tone for the rest of the concert, as they blew the roof off with their intense drums and keyboard combinations. Stand-out songs included Miss You, Call It What you Want, Helena Beat, Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls), Warrior (ft. Kimbra) and of course the Encore performance, where Mark Foster played “Ruby”, and of course the song that arguably made them famous, “Pumped Up Kicks”, which was remixed by the band to appeal to the audience’s vibe, in a certain dance-electronica fashion, as large white balloons depicting cartoon characters from their album grew to cover both sides of the stage, dropping confetti down over the audience as Foster the People played themselves off for the night.

All-in-all, a once-in-a-lifetime spectacular performance and such a memorable night. Minus almost losing my new sunglasses to a crowd surfer, and the intense heat, what matters the most is the music, and Foster the People as well as their opening bands definitely delivered.

Below is a gallery of photos taken from the concert, and also a video recorded on my girlfriend Cindy’s camera of the song Warrior, which is a song that features both Foster the People and Kimbra.

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