The Amazing Spiderman video game drops tomorrow…


If you’re excited for the Amazing Spiderman movie to be released next Tuesday, I suggest you head on down to your local GameStop or EB Games and pick up the videogame, which drops tomorrow.

That’s my plan. And for the next week till the movie comes out, I’m going to be doing a recording of my run through The Amazing Spiderman videogame, and see if I can beat it in a week. Mind you I also have a part-time job on the site and I will have to come back on here at some point, but I’ll probably drop a few videos down from my progress for you all to check out if you’re interested.

As well, I shall be picking up some Microsoft points, a shit-ton hopefully, so I can join my brother in Minecraft for the first time, download some map packs in Halo Reach for my upcoming RBG Season 6 script I want to plot out, and if I have room, download some songs for Rock Band too.

Stick around on GTA Gamers. We’ve been quiet for a while and we’ve lost a few more writers in the last few weeks, but the core continues to dish out its podcast, and there may be some new surprises for you yet in terms of podcasting.

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