SDCC 2012 – Marvel set for the next two to three years with films

Marvel’s present was well-known on Saturday, when they unveiled “Phase Two” of self-produced movies. “Phase Two” is ultimately the movies that will be showcasing between Avengers and its possible sequel, where the characters will all meet back for another epic adventure in Avengers 2.

The big reveals include Thor and Captain America’s sequels: The Dark World (Thor), and The Winter Soldier (Cap). Now The Dark World got me intrigued. Will it have something to do with Thanos, as per the world shown in The Avengers, or is this a completely new world we have yet to discover? And heck to the yes! We will be seeing The Winter Soldier in Cap 2! Now if you remember kids, Bucky (Cap’s sidekick), played by Sebastian Stan, apparently died after falling from a moving train in Cap 1, but his character Bucky goes on to become Winter Soldier in the comics, changing from buddy-buddy to an arch-nemesis. So how can they go about bringing Bucky back as Winter Soldier after Cap has been cryogenically frozen for years? Maybe Bucky endured the same fate perhaps? Being frozen for so long and coming back? Either way, why else would they call him the “Winter Soldier”? Either way, I’m excited for both.

Also, Marvel confirms that their next big film to drop in 2014 will be in fact “Guardians of the Galaxy”. According to, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige confirmed that the current lineup of the Guardians will be in the movie: Star Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Groot and Rocket Raccoon (that’s right, Rocket Raccoon). Official concept art was also provided for the confirmation of the film.

Here is the concept art for Guardians of Galaxy. Featuring from left to right: Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon and Gamora

Finally, we already knew about Iron Man 3. But new test footage of Ant-Man was shown by writer-director Edgar Wright of what the outfit looked like, and what the scene he was featured in entailed. Sadly we don’t have a video of that footage, but when we do find it, we’ll definitely post it.

Here are the confirmed posters for these upcoming films in the next two years.

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