Stardust Drive Podcast Episode #6

So here we are in the brutally hot month of July, where tensions flare and opinions never die.

Chris returns this month as the fantastic four discuss topics such as Resident Evil 6’s health regeneration system, the Resident Evil 6 demo, Assassin’s Creed and Deus Ex’s film adaptations, Gears Judgement, Sonic Adventure 2, and Magic 2013. The group also answers (in their opinions) some of the strongest topics to date, including whether or not games today lack difficulty as opposed to games made decades ago, games that took the shortest amount of time to beat, and games that took a stab at our emotions.

It’s a cluster**** of madness. Its loud, its obnoxious, there’s a ton of swearing, but there’s intellect, well-thoughtout opinion-based topics and good-old-fashioned fun that you’ll only find here on the Stardust Drive Podcast.


SD Podcast Episode 6

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