Let the games begin! Batman The Dark Knight Rises

The final segment of the Batman trilogy hit theatres Thursday at midnight, and for those lucky enough to grab tickets in time were also in for an eight-hour Batman marathon. The Dark Knight Rises

Just another day in the life of the Batman

brought in $161 million dollars in the box office, surpassing its 2008 counterpart ‘The Dark Knight’ .

The final film follows Bruce Wayne played by Christain Bale 8 years after Batman took the fall for Harvey ‘Two-Face’ Dent’s death, leaving Gotham City in a time of peace. Some new characters are introduced in this film including: Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and Tom Hardy as Bane. Though Bane’s face is new for this Batman trilogy, this isn’t his first appearance on the Hollywood’s big screen.  If we bring our minds back to the 1997 ‘Batman and Robin’ Bane was featured as Poison Ivy’s silent sidekick, looking more like a Mexican wrestler then the Bane we see in 2012.

Bane’s personality, appearance, and overall presence couldn’t be more different, and as the main villain of The Dark Knight Rises I thought he had amazing presence and defiantly appeared to be a force to be reckoned with.  Tom Hardy’s acting was spot on and perhaps everyone can agree Hardy’s voice was amazing as it was chilling on the almost masked Bane. However, due to the loud atmosphere of the movie it  was sometimes difficult to hear Bane’s voice through his mouth piece. For the strong silent type Bane was given a lot of lines that worked well with his character and didn’t take away from his previously silent character.

I found this film dived into more of Batman’s angst then the previous films, and I have to admit I was a little frustrated by the amount of it at parts. In the end it was necessary to the plot and for the overall “pick-up yourself up” theme, so I had to deal with it. On the subject of angst, I can’t leave out the tradition of Catwoman and Batman’s unhealthy dangerous relationship they share both on screen and on paper. Catwoman or Selina Kyle, has always shared a sexually dangerous love story with Bruce Wayne, and it was only natural that it come out in this film.

I wasn’t a huge fan of this adaptation of Catwoman, as I felt there was way more emphasis put on Selina Kyle then her alter ego.  Though I was skeptical at first at Anne Hathaway taking on this sexy role, I think she did a good job at capturing the sweet, sexy, and dangerous side of Catwoman and, of course, looked good in leather.

Overall, it was a great film that gave a worthy end to the trilogy we have all come to love. The effects were great, and the choice of villain was fitting for the type of edge the film was looking to take. Best of all it wasn’t in 3D and no one had to pay an extra five dollars for some glasses and  a slightly protruding screen.

So take a night off, gather your fellow Batman fans, nerdy girlfriends and boyfriends, and go see this movie. As a must see for this summer, it’ll be almost impossible to stay away from the theatre.

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