Its been a while

Hey everyone. Its your Editor-in-Chief, William, and I’ve returned from my 2 weeks vacation to update you on what’s been going on while I’ve been away, basically what I’ve been up to in that time.

  • So first let me say that I had plans to write the sixth season of my RBG machinima script series, which I decided to cancel. I couldn’t quite drum up the inspiration to get around to writing it, but instead, I was able to write four short stories which I have provided links for below.

Slender Man: a fan fictional story based on the Slender Man meme and free-to-play tie-in PC game, loosely based off the tale.

Firestarter: a story about a man whose best friend has more skeletons hiding in the closet than he ever imagined

The Fountain: a love story based around a man who invites his long-time girlfriend to their initial meeting spot after many years to propose to her

Rickety Bones: an old man attempts to escape a nursing home while being guided by the spirit of his deceased wife


  • Secondly, I was able to actually play a few more games over the break. Returning to some old, but still making time to try some of the new ones I had put aside to play.

– Super Smash Bros. Brawl was a big one which Carter and I caught up on a lot, mostly just doing 10 Stock matches with random characters to pass the time.

– I played Bulletstorm: Epic Edition for the Xbox 360 and was able to beat the campaign on Normal mode. Be sure to listen to this month’s podcast when we get around to recording it and I will talk more about my experiences in the game.

– I’m also currently working on Darksiders for the 360 also, and will talk about that game as well and where I stand so far.


So what can you expect from this last month before school?

– Well I’m hoping to get a bunch of us writers on the site together closer to the end of August so that we can go cover Fan Expo, one of the big Toronto conventions. Hopefully we’ll have some business cards by then, but we’ll see.

– The August podcast is still a must, as well we may try and record other side videos or smaller podcasts. We’ve discussed possibilities but we’ll see what we can accomplish in such a short time.

– We’ve got a few four-player games on the table to play, including Heavy Rain, Rock Band (Beatles too), Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Mario Party, and more recently added, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.


So stay tuned for new content over the course of the month.

– William, GTA Gamers


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