Can Valve count to three with the possibility of a Left 4 Dead 3?


In an interview with Eurogamer, Chet Faliszek of Valve suggests that Left 4 Dead may see a third installment “some time down the road.”

“A 3?”, said Faliszek. “You know, some time down the road. Like anything, I would say that to all of our games. So that’s not a promise of when or where.”

The company is notorious for its inability to count to the number three, as seen in other popular releases like Portal, Half-Life and Team Fortress.

Faliszek says that sequels tend to do better than its predecessor, but no where states that as being the case when it comes to a trilogy.

“Sequels tend to be better than the original because they’ve got better at making the game. They better understand what they have and they just keep going on it,” said Faliszek. “So to get noticed you just have to keep working at it. You’ve got to put the time in. You’ve got to work hard at it.”

Faliszek adds that the PC version of Left 4 Dead 2 out right now will support Steam Workshop, as well as some very unique building tools.


“On the PC we will incorporate Steam Workshop, so people will be able to create items,” he said.

“One of the unique things with Left 4 Dead over something like TF2 or Dota or Counter-Strike, there’s experience. There’s the experience of going through something that’s more than just a map. And so we want to make sure people can play wider with that, so we’re going to release some tools we have for playing with enemies and creating different experiences, and where people can do that inside of their own campaigns, where they can add them on to our current campaigns. It’s this whole toolset.”

Faliszek expressed his love for the series, in an article on “”I really love working on that series,” Faliszek continued. “It’s one of my favourite series. It’s just so much fun with the characters and the world. I love zombies and I love horror.”

Will Chet’s love for Left 4 Dead be enough to manifest a new title? Doubtful. But this skeptical journalist still holds the hope that someday, Valve will be able to count to three.

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